Havana: City of Ruins

We can see the sky through the broken windows on the top floor. Which means that there is no roof that shelters the frail construction that was once so majestic. Bits and pieces of stucco and plaster crumble beneath our feet and leave nothing but dust behind. A stroll through Cuba’s capital city Havana – the city of ruins.

Prestigious past – crumbling yet vivid presence

It must have been a sight for the gods. Glamorous buildings with stucco and plaster, balconies with rich details, heavy wooden carved doors that led the way to marble and timber stairways to rooms shining in all colours of the rainbow. Once.

Now, your eyes will find the most beautiful architectural designs becoming ruins. There is no money to restore the villas across the country. Especially in Havana Vieja, the old town of the capital, you will find official buildings and homes turning into ruins. We might not need a lot of words to accompany the buildings … take a closer look, you will most definitely find freshly washed clothes on the line on top of a building you wouldn’t want to step inside or a balcony that is prone to crash down on the sidewalk someday …


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