Cult status: Eisenbahnbruecke Linz

A landmark that will be missed.

Ever since I can remember, the rail bridge aka Eisenbahnbruecke in my hometown Linz was there. It was built between 1897 and 1900 and survived the wars like a solid rock in the river Danube. And now it is time to say farewell to one of the most influencing landmarks of Linz. At the end of February 2016 it will be taken down. Yes, the bridge is rusty and not particularly beautiful. And yes, it seems to fall apart with every car that drives over it and every step you take on it. But still it fills me with nostalgia when realising its days are numbered.


This is why I spent a sunny afternoon in Linz to say goodbye to our landmark and to take a look around … while always longing for the destinations far away, I decided to explore the Donaulaende of my hometown. Let me share my views with you … enjoy!


PS: I deliberately chose not write about history and things you can see around the Eisenbahnbruecke, as this topic has been highly politicized and I do not want to trigger further discussions about this. I just want you to enjoy the pictures of my hometown J


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