Spain: How to gain 1.5 kg in one weekend in Barcelona

I just couldn’t resist. Everywhere I looked, delicious food was presented in a way you just cannot pass by. I knew that Catalunya has a couple of specialties to offer, but I thought I would not be a big fan of it in the beginning. It might not be the diet I would love to have 365 days a year, but Barcelona opened culinary doors for me…

Spanish Organic Food in Los Bellota

Hungry! That was the feeling on our arrival in Barcelona and in our hotel near the Sagrada Familia. Thus, we searched for food in the surroundings and landed in Los Bellota. It looks like a tavern with dark walls with ham decorating one side of the restaurant. Wine bottles are displayed on the other side of the tables and in the back, a big blackboard is full with greetings from guests from all over the world. Los Bellota offers original Spanish specialties from the Extremadura region. This region is known for non-chemical organic farming. All ingredients of the dishes presented in the menu are made are organic. Classical Spanish dishes such as Tortilla de Patatas, an omelette with eggs, onions and potatoes, homemade ham or salami together with Crema Catalana, similar to a Créme Brulée – this is what we find on our table on this evening. We ended this evening with full bellies, a new taste of Catalunya and a Mojito.


Breakfast: A mouth full of chocolate

Even though we had a very «intense» dinner at Los Bellota, we were hungry again in the morning. This time, we were watching out for something containing chocolate, like Nutella Crêpes or similar. And we found the Chocolate Box! As chocolate lovers we found our ideal breakfast, even though crêpes were out. Still in the neighbourhood of Sagrada Familia, we were closely observing the little restaurant. It has baskets as lampshades and peculiar chocolate variations can be bought. Little boxes with cocoa exquisites are waiting for the guests there. And then our waffles with chocolate arrived on a glass table decorated with wine bottles underneath. All forms and flavours of chocolate are united in this place and we enjoyed our waffles for breakfast. A high-calorie start into the day … whatever …


Snacking en la Boqueria

The great market hall in Barcelona at the popular shopping street La Rambla is called La Boqueria. This is definitely a must-see in Barcelona and whether you want it or not, you will not leave without your appetite being provoked by all the specialties that are presented in a mouth-watering way. Take your time, you will find a lot of rather unimpressive corners and booths offering culinary wonders. What’s more, it simply does not work to just stroll around comfortably, as tourists and local shoppers crowd around the booths where fresh fruit and vegetables are offered, and crabs and lobsters scrabble on top of crushed ice. Snack around in the halls, as your appetite will not decrease during your walk through La Boqueria.


Dinner with Cocktails and Burgers

In the evening we discover the tight streets of Barceloneta. Hidden in the alleys of the southern part of Barcelona, we find a bar and restaurant simply called Milk. If you like fresh food and own creations you will definitely not be disappointed there. It looks like your own Bohemian living room with colourful pillows and wooden tables. Just lean back and let yourself be inspired by food creations like the «Milks Ramen Noodle Burger», where they exchange the bread for the noodles. Every burger is served with hand-cut french fries. Prices are fair and on top of that you can enjoy a sweet cocktail alongside your meal. Surrounded by relaxed music and even more relaxed people, it is very easy to enjoy dinner at Milk. Highly recommended!


One last bite … just one …

Our last visit to La Rambla and we still have time for a little something. What is offered all over Spain are Churros or Xurros how they are called in Catalunya. Originally, they are served with thick chocolate sauce. This was our last powerful snack before we left sin city in terms of seductive delicacies. Near the Plaça Reial right next to La Rambla, we find Artisa, a tiny café with homemade sweets and deserts. They also sell homemade potato chips! Sweet or savoury crêpes, sandwiches, ice cream or cakes are displayed behind decorated glass windows. We let the Xurros with thick chocolate sauce melt on our tongues and said goodbye to Barcelona … with additional 1.5 kg in one weekend. My personal record!


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